The Development of Assembled Building Exploits New Ideas of Urbanization

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The Development of Assembled Building Exploits New Ideas of Urbanization


China prefabricated house is a new type of building. Its form and types are gradually developing with the overall social changes. Integrating this flexible concept of building development into China's urbanization construction plays an important guiding role in realizing the "Three Essentials" plan for urbanization.

With the gradual development of China's economic structure, the stability of socialist economic development has gradually increased, and the structural integrity of socialist construction has further strengthened. To strengthen the construction of urbanization, narrow the gap between urban and rural development, and promote the further improvement and development of the socialist social and economic structure.

Prefabricated building mode in industrialization is a new kind of architectural thinking concept. Prefabricated building mode is used instead of traditional perfect building mode, which improves the application flexibility of building materials and is an important embodiment of the integration of low-carbon living concept in social development.

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